Posted on: September 17, 2010 12:50 pm

Why is soccer not popular in America?

We started wrestling. it all stareted with the native americans so we wanted to settle it down a bit. and we used r hands. then the europeans cam over and deciding to bring horses and livestock. with them they broght a pigs. then we starteed eating the pigs. After that we used the pig's hide for clothing and furniture. then there was some leftover. and we used it for a pigskin football. The problem is the person who made the first pigskin decided to make it oval not round. therefore u had to use your hands to use it correctly. That is why soccer is not popular in america atm. unless we have r jon walls and r reggie bushes' goin to college to play soccer we are never going to truely contend for a fifa cup title. So please cbs and espn and abc please play soccer games more often instead of once every 4 years when the world cup comes on.
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